ZAZ/Jalta/Eliette Zaporozsec 968E


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Zaporozhec’s were produced in Zaporizhzhya, on the banks of the Dnieper River, from 1958 to 1994. The early, spherical models were replaced from 1967 by the NSU Prinz 4, the more angular Zaporozhec, the first generation of which remained in production until 1977, when an updated version was introduced. Fortunately, the car now on offer (model 968) is a much more pleasing to the eye than the early model. It was produced in 1972 and first owner took delivery in Hungary on 22 November 1972. The earliest Zaporozhec models were powered by engines of 748 and 887 cc, with the 1196 cc OHV (overhead camshaft) engine becoming available in 1967, which produced a peak power of 40 bhp at 4200 rpm. It propels the car, which weighs around seven hundred kilograms, with acceptable dynamics and a top speed of around a hundred.

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