Launched on October 15, 1953, the TF Midget was an upgraded TD, equipped with a TD Mark II engine and a new pressurized cooling system, as well as a radiator grille designed to resemble an external radiator cap. The engine’s compression ratio was increased to 8.1:1, and with stronger valve springs and larger carburetors, the enlarged valves boosted the power output to 57.5 HP at 5500 rpm. Production ended on April 4, 1955, with chassis number TF10100, after 9602 TFs were manufactured, including two prototypes and 3400 TF1500s. The TF was succeeded by the MGA.

The car arrived in the United States via the Netherlands eight years ago and notably comes from Alaska, which is reflected in its character, including the lack of heating. The restoration was comprehensive; any part that could be saved was refurbished, such as the wheels, which were disassembled, cleaned, chromed, and reassembled. Unfortunately, some parts (upholstery, roof, side windows, and wiring harness) could not be salvaged and had to be recreated. The chassis and engine numbers are matching, original, and factory correct. The engine has been completely rebuilt, while the gearbox and differential were not disassembled.

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