The W112 Mercedes is the luxury variant of the W111 model, with both versions available as Sedan, Coupe, and Cabriolet. Among these, the Coupe was considered the most elegant and was often referred to as the “Opera” Mercedes in Germany, where it was fashionable to drive to the opera and other sophisticated events in this vehicle. The luxury was standard in the W112 Coupe. Exceptional ride comfort is ensured by the power steering, air suspension, and the most powerful engine available (300 SE). The interior features craftsmanship and eye-catching details that have since disappeared from the automotive industry. Inside, everything is covered in hand-stitched genuine leather and fine wood trim. Only 2,419 units of the most expensive W112 Coupe were produced.

The W112 Coupe we are offering for sale is considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing examples, with a silver exterior and saddle leather interior. Its condition is impeccable, with the engine and technical state in excellent shape. It has only 2,881 kilometers on the odometer and has recently undergone a comprehensive restoration. It includes all period extras, such as air conditioning, automatic transmission (the new 4-speed), sunroof, and baroque wheels. Its value appreciation prospects are among the highest, with selling prices increasing by 20-30 percent annually. In Germany, quality examples consistently sell for over 100,000 euros.

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