The 124 Mercedes is considered by many to be the last true Mercedes, or rather the most beautiful Mercedes, it’s hard to argue with that, especially for those who love it, but it is clear that it was its shape (Cv. 028) and technical content (e.g. the later multi-link suspension), which were well ahead of its time, combined with its legendary comfort, practicality and reliability, that made it so popular and Mercedes’ most successful model to date. Its handling was also outstanding with the economical, low consumption engine, and after all these years it still keeps up well with modern machinery.

The wagon is a great all-rounder, with really comfortable space for everyone and a huge boot that can be stowed almost forever. It’s worth coming and seeing! Essentially all the modern extras are included: air conditioning, automatic gearbox, alloy wheels, electric windows, flawless roof window. 124 Mercedes are not getting any cheaper, they are already steadily increasing in value every year, it’s worth investing in such an aesthetically pleasing, usable model.

Kövess minket!

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