Mercedes-Benz C124 300-24 Coupe AMG 1990


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The Mercedes 124 is widely regarded as the last true Mercedes and possibly the most beautiful. It’s hard to argue against that, especially for those who deeply appreciate it. The car was ahead of its time in both design (Cv. 028) and technical aspects, such as the later popularized multi-link suspension. These features, combined with its legendary comfort, practicality, and reliability, made it extremely popular and arguably the most successful model Mercedes has ever produced. Driving it, especially with the larger six-cylinder engine and coupe body style, is also sporty and highly dynamic. The two-door version with its retractable front and rear windows adds an extra touch of elegance, making driving a unique experience with all four windows down. The coupe is excellently usable in the city; entry and exit are very comfortable, and it excels as a grand tourer on longer journeys. This particular model is essentially immaculate and flawless. Its body, chassis, and interior are in extremely good condition, which is quite rare nowadays, and its color combination is particularly aesthetic. The wood inserts and upholstery are scratch-free. It’s worth coming to see the car! Essentially, it includes all contemporary extras: air conditioning, sport transmission, AMG alloy wheels, temperature display, electric windows, a flawless sliding sunroof, and rear differential lock. The 124 series Mercedes, especially the Sportline six-cylinders, are among the models with the greatest potential for value increase. Based on current trends, it can be assumed that they will change hands for around 30.000 Euros in 3-5 years. It’s very hard to find a similar car in such beautiful condition! If you do manage to find a similar condition, fully equipped (essentially fully loaded) and similarly colored (checkered interior) 124 coupe, they already cost around 20,000 euros on

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