The 126 was the most successful S-Class from Mercedes, introduced in the late 1970s and manufactured until the early 1990s. In addition to the base model, it was available in a long-wheelbase version with up to six doors, as well as a coupé, which was among the most beautiful of all. The development aimed at improving handling, increasing fuel efficiency, and elevating luxury to an even higher level. Led by Bruno Sacco, the designers made the S-Class’s distinct shape more aerodynamic. Numerous small adjustments, such as the windshield wipers hidden under the hood, were made following wind tunnel tests, which not only reduced fuel consumption but also eliminated wind noise during high-speed travel. Such attention to detail has always placed the S-Class at the pinnacle of automobile manufacturing. This 560 SEC sits at the very top of that peak, as it is the coupé version equipped with the largest and most powerful engine of its era. This American example is well-equipped with extras and completely rust-free. Its paint is uniform and flawless, as is its interior. The comfort is provided by electrically controlled leather seats with memory function and a fold-down armrest. The four electric windows and a sliding sunroof, along with an automatic rotary dial digital climate control, ensure constant fresh air and appropriate temperature. The exterior’s perfect appearance is completed by pristine chrome wheels, while the interior boasts beautiful wood inserts. Similarly well-preserved coupés are listed abroad for over 35,000 euros.

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