The Mercedes 124 was introduced in 1984, with the cabriolet version being produced until 1997, which represents an exceptionally long lifecycle in automobile manufacturing. This was due to its massive popularity, which stemmed from its reliability and its ahead-of-its-time design by Bruno Sacco. When enthusiasts talk about the W124 model, they often get excited. Often referred to as the last true Benz, it is considered a precursor to the E-Class. This perfect sedan shaped the German streetscape for decades, with the estate version being a favorite among families, while the coupé and cabriolet targeted buyers with fewer constraints. But why is this otherwise painfully simple car in all its variants so exciting? According to fans, it’s the outstanding construction quality, as well as the long lifespan of the engines and technology. Those familiar with the brand consider the W124 the last Mercedes to be engineered-driven, rather than dominated by accounting and marketing departments. This model series is now experiencing its second bloom.

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