Alejandro de Tomaso’s determination with the Maserati brand was to create an affordable sports car, without sacrificing comfort and a dynamic driving experience. Thus was born the Maerati Biturbo, which was a huge success from the start, expanding the Italian prestige car market.

Surprisingly roomy for its size, the touring car and the Italian symphonic engine sounds make it an unforgettable experience for anyone who ever tries it. The first commercial twin-turbocharged vehicle to mark a turning point in history, its value on the market continues to grow. It was also the first engine to use 3 valves per cylinder, which was later upgraded to 4 valves.

The present model is a 1983 model in very good condition. Its dark green paintwork is uniform, as you can see in the pictures it is near flawless. The interior is tear free, the seats are not sagging and the leather is as it was when the car came off the production line. The purchase price is also extremely competitive in the international market.

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