The real Jaag, with stunning looks. The third-generation Jaguar XJ, debuted in 2003, is turned into a drivable, comfortable, unrivaled luxury marvel by the lightweight aluminum chassis and the 4.2-liter V8 engine. It was the first mass-produced car with a completely aluminum frame, which translates into incredible driving comfort and agility. Several prestigious media outlets worldwide have written that thanks to the XJ’s self-leveling air suspension system, it not only smoothes out the roads but does so while remaining adequately sporty and agile, making it feel like a much lighter and smaller car during spirited cornering. The previous model was almost completely redesigned technologically for weight reduction. Special riveting equipment had to be used on the assembly line instead of the welding machines used for steel. Additionally, the beautifully growling V8 engine was also reworked compared to the previous series. The car’s design gives the series an absolutely timeless appearance, representing classic English elegance. With this limousine, we will always arrive in style, which cannot be said for many of its contemporaries. The current model is in impeccable condition, just sit in and surrender to the comfort; furthermore, its mileage is low, only 147,000 kilometers. The light gray leather interior with mahogany inserts is beautiful, and it is equipped with high specifications. The car is suitable for everyday travel with family or adults in the rear seats. In addition to this, it also holds its own as a weekend car if you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the V8 engine.


USA model

4196cm3  219KW 298 HP

147 584 km


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