Honda GoldWing 1500 SE 1990


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The 4th generation Honda Goldwing was a true milestone in the world of motorcycles, establishing itself as the benchmark for touring bikes. In 1987, Honda further refined the Goldwing to offer riders even greater comfort and performance. The Goldwing GL1500 series stood out by introducing a six-speed gearbox and a unique six-cylinder engine block, providing a smoother and quieter ride. The new model featured numerous innovative functions, such as an integrated CB radio, cruise control, and an upgraded audio system. The hydraulic clutch and adjustable suspension also contributed to the Goldwing’s famously smooth riding experience. Manufactured from 1987, the Goldwing impressed not only with its technical advancements but also with its appearance. The elegant and streamlined design, along with various color options, allowed riders to personalize their bikes to match their own style. This series quickly became popular among motorcyclists who appreciated Honda’s reliability, exceptional comfort, and innovative solutions. The fourth-generation Honda Goldwing has permanently etched itself into motorcycle history and remains memorable for those who have experienced this magnificent machine. The model we are offering arrived from America and boasts a white-gold color combination, making it an excellent project base.

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