Die Hard MRAP
This military looking MRAP is came from the famous Die Hard movie. It was made in Hungary by Szalay Dakar Team, based on soviet ZIL 6 wheeler and Ural V8 to replicate the US Cougar.

This vehicle is in excellent shape despite the torture it had in the movie because it had 3 doppelgänger. The whole body is free from scratches, there is no rust, everything work as should. The V8 engine starts easily, after the star it has stunning exhaust sound from the side pipe which is on the roof.

It’s great for different use cases: it can go off roading, jumping from overpasses, you don’t have to look for the traffic. It’s guaranteed jaw dropping, eye catching machine. You wouldn’t see a similar one again.

It has some serious details: 6 Pirelli Pista tyre, Momo sport steering, sporty bucket seats front and back, hydraulic hand brake for stunts, emergency stop button, urban camouflage paint.

Highly recommend to visit us to see it personally! Here’s a video to show the capabilities: MRAP [A Good Day to Die Hard] – YouTube

Kövess minket!

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