The BMW M3 E36 Convertible has also entered the Oldtimer era, having been produced from 1994. Only 3,166 left-hand drive cars were produced from the European version, which was far more technically advanced than the American version, and only 567 of the most popular Dakar yellow version with Dakar yellow original hardtop. Such a low production volume of the cabrio automatically ensured a rapid increase in the car’s value. The performance is astonishing, the driving experience unrivalled, the front 6-cylinder version, with its revving engine and light weight, has a dynamic feel that is in no way inferior to later M models or even competing 911s – with the prospect of a huge increase in value.

The present model for sale was owned by a Hungarian mechanic and has recently undergone a complete engine overhaul (!) The car is reliable and both aesthetically and mechanically essentially flawless, with the exception of the hard top upholstery which needs glueing in two places. The interior is extremely aesthetically pleasing, black leather, so together it is probably the most beautiful colour combination, but also a full extra, including the rare “vader” seats and the removable hard top, which has a paint job in full harmony with the car, which is also unique. The price of a similarly rare, flawless 1994 convertible in Germany, especially with a restored engine and in this technical condition, is in excess of €40,000. The car is definitely worth a look! It is already a registered car in Hungary (RAU-639)

Kövess minket!

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