BMW 518i Touring e34 1996



1796cm3   85kW   114HP



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We offer for sale the BMW E34, the third generation 5 Series Touring estate model.
Only 4% of the units produced were 518i’s, so there are few of them left on the road. The touring car and the luxury of its time were created by the Germans without sacrificing anything on the altar of comfort and practicality, in an era when vehicles were still built for the long haul.
The striking poison green colour is uniform and aesthetic. It has a dark tinted wood insert, heated seats, a working huge sunroof and 3-zone climate control.
The 5-speed manual transmission is reliable, mechanically sound and gives driving enthusiasts more freedom than the rudimentary automatics of the era.
It’s a comfortable car for all day use without compromises, perfect for long trips and holidays in summer thanks to its huge trunk and sunroof.

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