BMW 325i cabrio e30 UK edition


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The second series of one of BMW’s oldest model families, the E30 3 series, is also a soft-top convertible version, which was produced between 1985-1993. Which is the best engine? Only the six-cylinder! – The BMW expert would tell you, the way and sound of the row six can be spellbinding. The E30 was a great design for its time with high quality and an extraordinary driving experience despite the simple technology. The developments that began in the second half of the 70s led to a car that was already modern according to the conditions of the time. MacPherson front suspension and a V-shaped swingarm rear fixed at two points on each side are built under a very small body. And of course rear-wheel drive, since the E30 really is a classic BMW. The convertible E30s were produced in Regensburg instead of Dingolfing, together with the 5 and 7 series. These cars are less prone to rusting than station wagons, sedans, or coupes. Even the youngest specimen is approaching 30 years old, and this time does not lie.

Any car that loses its top, loses a significant amount of rigidity. In the case of the E30, BMW made quite serious modifications in order to keep it rigid. The most striking thing is the front legroom is narrower than a coupe, in the line of the A-pillar, a stout stiffener has been built into the floorboard at the doors, which strengthens the body at the firewall. The firewall was also made more rigid, as was the windshield frame. The rear wheel arch runs a little lower than that of the coupe, making the rear tract completely unique. In addition, there was a noticeable vibration due to the missing roof, which was compensated by an extra weight of 25 kilos over the rear axle, so there is no vibration at high speeds.

The piece offered for sale by Veterán Autó Kft. came from 1990 whit the biggest engine available. Its age-defying exterior and interior condition, its red paint is in perfect harmony with it’s new beige leather interior, free of cracks and wear. Thanks to the convertible, all four windows were electrically operated, and the canvas top of this model is also assisted by electric motors in raising and lowering it. It also has air conditioning, which is a rarity for an E30 BMW, which can be of great help on a warm summer day.

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