Bentley Eight V8 1987



101 276 km

6749cm3 V8   243 kW   326HP


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Introduced in 1984, the Bentley Eight was designed to complement the brand’s long-established Mulsanne model, offering a slightly sportier and more affordable option. However, “affordable” is a relative term here, as its base price was just under £50,000—a substantial amount in the late 1980s. Despite this, the Eight quickly became popular among buyers seeking true luxury, thanks to its 6.75-liter V8 engine and subtly sportier suspension tuning. This combination provided not only otherworldly comfort but also exceptional performance. True to its luxury sedan status, the 540 Nm of torque is delivered to the rear wheels through a silky-smooth automatic transmission. The example we are offering for sale arrived from Spain, benefitting from the Mediterranean climate that has left it entirely rust-free. It’s no surprise that this model has been so well preserved, with only 101,278 kilometers on the odometer. Its presence remains impressive to this day, achieved without any ostentatious details, presenting a beautiful classic shape that embodies true British aristocratic elegance. Genuine luxury reveals itself upon opening the heavy doors, showcasing an abundance of wood trim and distinctive blue leather upholstery. The multi-zone climate control and fully electrically adjustable seats further contribute to the overall comfort. Collectors increasingly favor luxury models preserved in their original condition, suggesting promising appreciation potential for this type.

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