Audi 100 Avant Quattro 1991


The Audi 100 was an iconic car of its time, and was voted Car of the Year in 1983. It won the most prestigious award for its more spacious and comfortable body, its revolutionary new technical solutions, its Cw 030 coefficient of drag and, thanks to all this, its better handling and fuel economy (9 litres even with larger engines).

The Quattro also stood out among Audi 100s. These models had a much more modern and sophisticated all-wheel drive system than the competition and after the last facelift (1988), Audi 100s were equipped with the second generation quattro drive system, which is still one of the most efficient systems today (some costly and fuel-intensive solutions were discarded in subsequent generations). Its central differential uses 50-50% constant four-wheel drive, so that no time is lost before all-wheel drive is engaged after a skid, which is often too late, and it also automatically applies up to 75% torque to the wheels (axles) according to the traction data detected. It also has a rear differential lock, which can be switched to a separate button lock up to 25 km/h in difficult terrain (snow, mud). Essentially, the car can only stall if almost all wheels on the front and rear axles spin out simultaneously in the same turn, which is rare. It is not for nothing that the Audi 100 quatro CS (90 hp model) was advertised as being able to climb even steep ski jumps. The Avant bodystyle, which is the name Audi uses for its wagons, means it is not only beautiful, but very capable with a lot of storage space.

The present model is in uniquely beautiful condition and is powered by one of Audi’s most successful engines, the legendary 2.3 petrol. 136 bhp, with a claimed fuel consumption of 9 litres despite its powerful engine. The car is a contemporary full extra: electronic climate control, electric windows, procon-ten system which in the event of a collision, the engine is propelled in the opposite direction to the collision and the steering wheel is retracted, as well as all seat belts, distinctive quattro alloy wheels etc. The technical condition of the car is essentially immaculate, as is the aesthetic condition, it is almost impossible to find a quality Audi 100 quattro in such beautiful condition! The price is rising steeply, the prospects for appreciation are excellent. Models in similar condition and with similar equipment are selling for over €15,000 abroad, if there are any preserved, quality examples of this kind on the market

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