The Aston Martin Vanquish was designed by Ian Callum, the brand’s most famous designer, and is based on the ’60s DB4 GT Zagato, with the distinctive Aston grille, headlight shape and massively muscular rear fenders that are reminiscent of the DB5. It became well known after it was the official James Bond car in the Bond film Die Another Day.
In the list of best movie cars, it came third, just behind the Italian Job Mini and the Aston Martin DB5, also driven by James Bond in Goldfinger and Thunderball. When it was created, Aston Martin wanted to make a more advanced and faster car than ever before, so they worked with Lotus to develop a lightweight chassis made from carbon composite and bonded aluminium. With its balanced V12 engine, excellent chassis and four-piston brakes, the Vanquish was a press favourite.
Road & Track magazine said it was Aston Martin’s best gran tourer, and Car and Driver concluded that it was worthy of the brand’s heritage and a serious contender to the best sports cars ever made. It was the last Aston Martin to be built at the Newport Pagnell plant, where most of the work was done by hand. Fewer than 2,600 V12 Vanquishes were produced and it was also relatively reliable compared to other Aston models. Many consider the Vanquish to be the best Aston Martin, which is apparently confirmed by the fact that they remastered the car:
The car for sale is the classic light metallic graphite – black interior colour scheme, the rarer 2+2 seater version, with extremely low mileage (just 1920 miles) in full extras. The car’s bodywork is immaculate, the interior is exceptionally beautiful, and of course, mechanically stable. Worth a visit to see it! It is also an excellent investment, guaranteed to increase in value, it will certainly not depreciate. Especially as it approaches its 30th birthday, the opportunity to be registered as an Old Timer. The similarly low mileage 2+2 seater examples will be particularly valuable and sought after.

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