Lada VAZ 1500 2103 1979


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55kW 74 hp

30 728 km


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The Zsiguli manufactured between 1972 and 1984 needs no introduction in Hungary, as it has reached an iconic status. This is not by accident, as at the time of its debut it was the ultimate Lada, at the top of the offering, requiring endless waits on the Merkúr waitlist. The iconic double round headlights and the chrome radiator grill make the 2103 Lada distinct, which many consider the most beautiful and timeless Lada model. Subsequent models saw a reduction in chrome due to cost-cutting in manufacturing. Fortunately, the 2103 did not suffer from this, so thanks to the decorative trims, it dazzles beautifully. At the time, this was the most powerful version, as indicated by its name, with a 1500 cc engine delivering 75 horsepower, providing pleasant dynamism for the barely 1100 kg body. Its suspension and plush upholstered seats were also a guarantee for comfortable travel in the seventies. The model was also famous for its reliability; even the major French magazine L’Auto-Journal noted that it “delivers reliable service even under the most harsh conditions.” Moreover, the specimen we are advertising is a 1979 model first registered in Hungary, allowing its full history to be beautifully traced. Its condition reflects that it has always been highly esteemed, in line with the reputation of the 1500. Only a few parts have been repainted, so its condition is very well preserved. The original factory sticker is still on the trunk. Throughout its life, it has only covered 130,000 kilometers, evident also in the interior’s condition, with no sagging upholstery or malfunctioning switches; everything is in its place. Given its legendary status, it is also an excellent investment, as evidenced by the prices of specimens advertised on, where they are already over 12,000 Euros.

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