Luxury compact sedan. This is the category in which AvtoVAZ and Fiat designed the 2103 and 125. Compared with its predecessor, the 2101, a number of improvements have been made, the most striking of which are the twin round headlamps on each side, the modified chrome grille and the larger 1.5-litre engine. In addition to improved acceleration, the stopping power has also been improved, with vacuum brake assist. The interior has also been updated based on the 125 Fiat, with a more modern wood-frame dashboard and a new set of clocks. The biggest difference from the Fiat sibling was the Lada’s favourability. It was built from thicker sheet metal and prepared for the harsh Siberian cold. This car was built for the Soviet domestic market and received its first owner in Estonia. Now, 46 years and just over 60,000 kilometres later, it is once again available to buy in saloon condition with museum-quality certification. Even abroad, similar condition is rare, and even when it is available, the price can be in excess of €15,000.

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