Harley-Davidson SX250 1978

8,190 7,490

Design Enduro
Condition Restored
Km 11 km
Year 1978/06
Engine Petrol 243 cm3
Power 19 Hp
Powertrain RWD
Gearbox type 5 speed Manual
Exterior color Silver
Interior color Black
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When the craze of lightweight off-road motorcycles reached the United States in the 1960s, Harley-Davidson was in the perfect position to participate. The H-D offroader is not from Milwaukee and not from any other part of the United States. In 1960, Harley-Davidson bought 50% of the scarce Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aermacchi. The parent company, Aeronautica Macchi, has turned away from motorcycle manufacturing to focus on its core business of aircraft manufacturing. Off-road motorcycles quickly became very popular in America in the ’60s, so when Yamaha put the market on its head with the DT-1 in 1968, other manufacturers soon followed. In 1969, Harley launched the 125cc Rapido built by Aermacchi, but it was not an off-road vehicle. It took 5 years for Aermacchi Harley-Davidson’s first counterattack against the Yamaha DT-1 called the SX125, which was quickly followed by the SX175 and not long after the SX250.

The drive is provided by an air-cooled, one cylinder, two-stroke engine with oil injection. A 32mm Dell’Orto PHB32 carburetor supplies fuel to the piston, which is housed in a chrome-plated cylinder. The drive is provided by a multi-part wet clutch which is connected to the 5-speed transmission which drives the rear wheels via a chain. The engine is housed in a tubular cradle with a Ceriani-style front fork and swingarm rear controlled by a pair of spring/shock units with five adjustable preload settings.

The HD SX250 offered for sale by Veterán Autó Kft. A real rarity both in design and condition. The process of complete renovation is documented with a small photo catalog. Recommended for collectors!

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