Ford Mustang T5 1967


Design Coupe
Condition Excellent
Km 15.500 km
Year 1967/5
Engine Petrol 4700 cm3
Power 213 Hp
Drivetrain Rear wheel drive
Gearbox typer Manual
Exterior color Blue
Interior color Black
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1967 Ford Mustang T5 in good condition for sale! The car is in remarkably good condition, it has previously undergone a refurbishment, the other parts did not require any special intervention. Its former Dutch owner used it as a dreaded weekend car, keeping it in a heated garage all the way. At the beginning of the Mustang production cycle, Ford ran into a problem while trying to export Mustangs to Germany in the usual way for export vehicles. Ford solved this marketing dilemma as simply as possible by simply changing the names of all Mustangs exported to Germany to Ford T5, which was used as an internal project code in the development of the Mustang and by having a manual transmission for German exports and a speed / km scale. Overall, the car is a really good condition, reliable piece, worth coming and seeing.

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