Alfa Romeo 75 V6 Quadrifoglio Verde


Design Sedan
Condition Excellent
Km 193.894 km
Year 1991/3
Engine Petrol 2959 cm3
Power 192 LE
Powertrain Rear wheel drive
Gearbox type Manual
Exterior color Black
Interior color Gray

The Cressoni body Alfa 75 was introduced in 1985 a
As Giulietta’s successor, on the occasion of Alfa-Romeo’s 75th birthday.
Our car for sale is an Alfa 75 3.0 Quadrifoglio Verde “Potenziata”
V6 from one of the last series, the European one
top model, the sports sedan with the legendary Busso engine. The Quadrifoglio Verde (four-leaf clover) is one of the most sporty models in Alfa Romeo,
the strongest of these is the 75, the brutal three-liter “Potenziata.”
Sharpened, hollow and powerful V6 engine, biting sperr
fitted with a differential. Transaxle (gearbox) for ideal weight distribution
rear) is a worthy opponent of the greatest legend of the era, the BMW
E30 to M3. It is also among the Alphas due to its myriad technological specialties
it is considered a special model. This
in addition, the concrete piece has undergone a complete renovation; impeccable, error
with free body, perfect paintwork, healthy, fast engine,
and has a precise, tight chassis. The interior is also perfect, that is
no fault can be found in the car!
It is a rarity all over Europe, not to mention our small country: in total
883 “QVs” were made in 6 years of production. The value of similar vehicles on is € 24,000!

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