AUDI Q7 2009 6.0 V12 TDI QUATTRO

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A true rarity. Audi Q7 with 6 liter V12, only 4500 was produced and now one is on sale. Ferdinand Piech had an unstopable desire. Every brand in VW Group get a chance to create their best. Audi made their biggest and most powerful model, the Q7 which was their first sport utility vechicle based on the Pikes Peak quatro Concept. The V12 TDI was the flagship model, which was the first V12 Diesel in the automaker history. The V12 is the not just status and fame. These are most harmonic working engines and got the least vibrations with excellent power.They run extremely smoothly and evenly, silky, because thanks to their construction, there are six working strokes per crankshaft revolution, i.e. you get another power stroke every sixty degrees, compared to, for example, the most common four-cylinder engines, which only have a stroke every half revolution, i.e. every 180 degrees. The outstanding performance is not only due to the fact that V12 engines typically have a displacement of over 5 litres, but also to the fact that, due to the six working strokes, they pull well even at low revs and can be spun at high revs, as the main movement in the V12 is smaller final components (piston, connecting rod, valves, valve springs) and thus lower mass forces. That is why the V12 became the privilege of luxury cars and sports cars. It got 500 PS and 1000 Nm paired with 6 speed automatic. You can keep up the race with every sport car, with the Ceramic brakes you will manage every stops in safe. It is still in excellent condition, thanks for the carefull owner who serviced it only with professionals. It has all the bells and whistles. Heated leather seats with electrical adjustment. All the comfort for a long journey with 7 people. Stored in a garage, non smoking. Original seller price was 142 000 euro. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND PERSONAL VIEW OF THE CAR AFTER AN APPOINTMENT ON BUDAÖRSI ROAD 60, BUDAPEST.

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