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The roadster with a boxer engine. The Porsche Porsche fans know that the Porsche Boxter is not actually a later successor to the Porsche 924-944-968 model family, but a late reincarnation of the legendary 550 Spyder, also equipped with a mid-engined, lightweight, fast engine. The Boxter was similarly built to be a sports car with its mid-engine construction, excellent weight distribution, precise chassis and the resulting agility, for turning, curves, accelerations and light zigzags. In terms of driving experience, it is often better than its larger sibling models. It is interesting that the open body of the Boxter was not made primarily for the experience of driving a convertible, but also for the favorable distribution of the center of gravity, because the roof is heavy in the worst possible place: high on top of the body. The model, originally designed as an open top, managed to place its center of gravity even lower, further enhancing the driving experience while keeping its weight low. The basic model is only 1200 kg, which means a ratio of 5.85 kg/HP. Even in today’s eyes, its driving experience is extraordinary, which is matched by its amazingly precise manual transmission and the wonderful deep sound of the 6-cylinder engine located a few centimeters behind the seats. The model was made even more popular by its favorable purchase price and maintenance costs. Its driving performance is also more than sufficient, top speed of 240 km/h, acceleration to 100 km/h in 6 seconds. Another interesting thing is that from the front bumper to the end of the driver’s seat, it was almost completely identical to the 911 of that time inside and out, and from the driver’s seat to the back it was even better, as it carries its engine in the perfect place. To this day, buyers are advised to buy the basic model instead of the 911 or a more powerful boxster, and spend the remaining amount on racetrack passes or trips through mountain serpentines. The model offered for sale is an extremely well-preserved example, its steering wheel, dashboard, interior upholstery and seats are almost in factory condition. Mechanically, the car is flawless, i.e. it has been looked over, it is in a restored condition, its engine has been thoroughly inspected and it works perfectly, its transmission has been partially renewed, its main parts have been replaced so that it is also flawless. The car is a US model, it comes from Florida, which means that it is well-extruded and has no rust anywhere. The top is also in good condition, the gray interior is one of the most beautiful color combinations for the white exterior, and it gets much less hot inside and out in the summer. Its equipment is above average: air conditioning, electric seats on both sides, two airbags, electric roof, extra 17 rims. The value growth prospects of Boxsters are unique among youngtimers, their prices increase by several digit percentages every year, this will be especially true in an inflationary environment and it is hard to find a spare model with a manual transmission. Prices for cars with similar equipment, mileage and condition start at 15,000 euros. Chassis number: WPOCA298XVS621546

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