Mercedes-Benz W124 E300-24V 1991 AUTOMATIC, MANUAL A/C, NO ROST


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The Mercedes 124 was introduced in 1984 summer the cabrio version was produced until 1997, which means an exceptionally long generation life in car manufacturing. This was due to its huge popularity, which was also due to the reliability and the shape that was ahead of its time, designed by Bruno Sacco. This model has a 3-liter 24-valve engine, which makes it particularly powerful and economical at the same time. Motorically, it is also suitable for everyday use in terms of drive chain and brake system. The automatic transmission works well as intended. The car was equipped with air conditioning and all electrical extras, the seats are not torn or worn anywhere. The car comes from Spain, so it is guaranteed to be RUST-FREE, and it can be OT certified with a minimal investment. For OT to be repaired / the glass of the left front headlight is pebbled, a pull on the corner of the left rear fender and the corner of the bumper needs to be repaired, 3 elements need to be repaired with dent repair / The prices on the vintage market for examples in a similar condition and design are currently around 15,000 Euros and are rising sharply they show a tendency.

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