Mercedes-Benz 190E 2,6 1989 A/C, EL. SUNROOF, BEIGE LEATHER, AUT.

20,490 19,990

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In 1982, Mercedes-Benz presented the work of Bruno Sacco the artist at the Paris Motor Show, which made the luxury that Mercedes represents available to the middle class. This W201 model was already on the design table from 1974, for the development and research of which 2.3 billion German marks were spent, which far exceeded the budget of the competition. The car was built on the basis of safety principles, with programmed crumpling crash zones, a stiffened passenger compartment equipped with up to two airbags. For the chassis, 40 different versions were developed in order to find the perfect solution, which has been copied and used by all manufacturers ever since. The engine, gearbox and actually the whole car can be said to be indestructible. Fortunately, this copy has never been pushed to its limits, which is why it is exactly as it was in February ’89. In addition, the American weather also helped to preserve the condition, because there is not a single gram of rust anywhere. In addition, this is not a budget copy, which is the more common case, this is a uniquely well-equipped miracle. It also includes extras that are still overpriced today. The exterior’s immaculate green metallic paint is in beautiful harmony with the factory aluminum rims and the butter-colored leather interior. In addition, four electric windows and air conditioning, a sunroof ensure fresh air, comfort is guaranteed by the electrically adjustable seat controlled from the door, electric mirrors, armrests and automatic transmission. It is difficult to determine the exact value of such a specimen, which is so suitable for museum classification, because there is no other such specimen, but it is certain that 20,000 euros is not enough for this time travel.

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